Daily Maintenance of Cold Storage

Update:01 Sep 2017

Refrigerator inside the ice, frost and water to clean u […]

Refrigerator inside the ice, frost and water to clean up in time, the other a week to conduct a comprehensive clean-up, refrigerator in cleaning up, low temperature, low temperature cold storage only can use dry mop clean and dry dishcloth. Operators are cleaning and disinfecting the meat processing equipment and their surrounding environment in cold storage and cold storage facilities every day.

It is strictly forbidden to drill holes in cold storage boards and floors. The temperature should be checked every two hours and recorded on the registration card. When hanging the meat on the hanger, gently release the meat. The cold storage should be closed in time to avoid the leakage. Turn off the light of the refrigerator after the closing of business.

Before food enters the freezer, strict quality checks must be carried out, and bad food cannot be used to avoid infecting other foods. When food is refrigerated, it should be stored separately according to different types and different storage temperatures. It is forbidden to mix different kinds of products with different temperature requirements to avoid odor. Goods that are stored in cold storage should be packed and avoid odors.

The system that is assembled in the factory does not normally have to change oil. After running for a period of time, depending on the cleanliness of the system, decide whether to change oil. For the unit that is installed on the site or near the limit of running working conditions, change oil after 100 hours of operation. For every year after that, change oil. Change oil, fill oil, can slightly add a few oil, the general first is added to the oil lens lower limit position.

Always observe the apparent oil unit running normally, oil level, oil is lower than the normal range, must supplement frozen oil, and check whether the oil cooling system design is reasonable, the excessive moisture of the system, system refrigerant filling quantity is appropriate, expansion valve opening degree is appropriate, the supplement frozen oil quality meets the requirements, etc, which will cause the system back to oil is not normal.