Construction of explosion proof cold storage

Update:09 Dec 2020

Explosion proof cold storage is mostly used in high-ris […]

Explosion proof cold storage is mostly used in high-risk places with explosive gas. It is used for storing and transporting dangerous goods. Its equipment and material use standards are strict, and the installation process requirements are higher. Explosion-proof cold storage is mainly used in chemical, electronic, flavors, fragrances, alcohol, ethanol and other inflammable and explosive dangerous products.

One: characteristics of explosion proof cold storage
1. Good explosion-proof performance and low price: the explosion-proof cold storage adopts advanced integrated explosion-proof technology, so that the volume and weight of the explosion-proof system is only one tenth of the traditional explosion-proof technology. The safety of the micro watt level all-optical isolation intrinsically safe control circuit is several heavyweights higher than that of the traditional technology, and the system price is low.
2. Reliable: the refrigeration system of the explosion-proof cold storage is composed of several sets of independent explosion-proof units, and adopts the imported compressor and refrigeration mode with international leading technology, so it works reliably and has good maintainability.
3. Good safety: the explosion-proof cold storage adopts multiple detection and protection technology of pressure and temperature, and limits the surface temperature: it can be shut down for protection in case of abnormal working conditions and leakage of air tight explosion-proof structure. At the same time, the use of anti ignition ground and other safety technology, so the safety performance is good, users can also choose the upper and lower temperature alarm device.
4. Flexible configuration: users can flexibly select the volume, number of units, installation methods and auxiliary devices according to their needs, with strong applicability, easy disassembly, movement and expansion
5. There are special requirements for the site selection of explosion-proof cold storage, which should be selected in the area with few people and as much as possible, and the geological and surrounding environment should be surveyed.

Two:  Installation and quotation

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