Composition of main components of refrigeration system

Update:16 Jul 2020

Air conditioners can be divided into water-cooled type […]

Air conditioners can be divided into water-cooled type and air-cooled type according to the condensation form, and can be divided into single cooling type and refrigeration heating type according to the purpose of use. No matter which type of air conditioner is composed of the following main components.
The main components of refrigeration system include compressor, condenser, evaporator, expansion valve (or capillary tube, supercooling control valve), four-way valve, duplex valve, check valve, solenoid valve, pressure switch, melting plug, output pressure regulating valve, pressure controller, liquid storage tank, heat exchanger, collector, filter, dryer, automatic switch, stop valve, liquid injection plug and other components Yes.
The main components of electrical system include motor (for compressor, fan, etc.), operation switch, electromagnetic contactor, interlock relay, over-current relay, thermal over-current relay, temperature regulator, humidity regulator, temperature switch (for defrosting, preventing freezing, etc.). Compressor crankcase heater, water cut-off relay, computer board and other components.
The control system is composed of several controllers
Refrigerant controller: expansion valve, capillary, etc.
Refrigerant circuit controller: four way valve, one-way valve, compound valve, solenoid valve.
Refrigerant pressure controller: pressure switch, output pressure regulating valve, pressure controller.
Motor protector: over current relay, thermal over-current relay and temperature relay. Temperature regulator:
Temperature position regulator, temperature proportional regulator. Humidity regulator: humidity position regulator.
Defrost controller: defrost temperature switch, defrost time relay, various temperature switches.
Cooling water control: water cut-off relay, water regulating valve, water pump, etc.
Alarm control: over temperature alarm, over humidity alarm, under voltage alarm, fire alarm, smoke alarm, etc.
Other control: indoor fan speed controller, outdoor fan speed controller, etc.

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