Common knowledge of cold storage board

Update:28 Oct 2020

The cold storage plate is made of light polyester ammon […]

The cold storage plate is made of light polyester ammonia with good thermal insulation as the inner material, and the external sandwich plate made of stainless steel can reduce the heat transfer caused by the temperature difference between inside and outside, so as to achieve the peak efficiency of refrigeration and refrigeration system.
Cold storage plate thickness specification: 60-75-100-120-150-180mm
Dimension specification of cold storage plate: the width of standardized plate is 960mm. The height ranges from 2 m to 10 m. (PS: can also be customized according to your special needs)
Polyurethane is the inner material of cold storage board. The advantage of polyurethane is that the heat insulation performance is very good. The exterior of the cold plate of the paper is made of stainless steel plate. The advantage of this is to prevent the temperature spread of the cold storage board caused by the large temperature difference between the inside and outside, so as to make the cold storage more jade energy-saving and improve the working efficiency of the cold storage. Cold storage plate has corrosion resistance, anti-aging, flame retardant, non-toxic, light and inexpensive, solid and pressure resistant, safe and reliable, beautiful appearance, convenient operation, long service life, health and so on.
Characteristics of light polyurethane fire-proof, flame retardant and high-temperature resistant polyurethane cold storage board
1. Rigid polyurethane has low thermal conductivity and good thermal performance. When the density of rigid polyurethane is 3540kg / m3, the thermal conductivity is only 0.018-0.024w / (m.k), which is about the same as that of EPS, and it is the most excellent thermal conductivity among all thermal insulation materials.
2. Rigid polyester ammonia has moisture-proof and waterproof properties. The closed cell rate of hard sentences is more than 90%, which is hydrophobic. It will not increase the thermal conductivity due to moisture absorption, and the wall will not seep.

3. Hard juzhian has the characteristics of fire prevention, flame retardant and high temperature resistance. Polyurethane is a flammable self extinguishing material after adding flame retardants. Its softening point can be above 250 degrees Celsius. It will decompose only at a higher temperature. In addition, polyester ammonia will form carbon deposits on its surface when burning. This carbon deposition helps isolate the lower foam. It can effectively prevent the spread of flame. Moreover, polyurethane will not produce harmful gases at high temperature.
4. Due to the excellent thermal insulation performance of polyurethane board, it can be used to reduce the thickness of building envelope structure and increase the indoor area under the same insulation requirements.
5. Strong deformation resistance, not easy to crack, stable and safe finish.
6. The porosity structure of polyurethane material is stable, which is basically closed cell structure. It not only has excellent heat preservation performance, but also has good freeze-thaw resistance and sound absorption property. Rigid polyurethane insulation structure of the first place this year, in normal use and maintenance conditions, can reach more than 30 years. It can ensure that the structure will not be damaged in dry, humid or electrochemical corrosion, as well as the growth of insects and fungi, or due to the gnawing of rodents.
7. High comprehensive cost performance. Although the unit price of rigid polyurethane foam is higher than that of other traditional insulation materials, the increased cost will be offset by a substantial reduction in heating and refrigeration costs.