Cold storage temperature table

Update:02 Feb 2021

Vegetable fresh-keeping cold storage is a storage metho […]

Vegetable fresh-keeping cold storage is a storage method that inhibits the activity of microorganisms and enzymes and extends the shelf life of vegetables. Fresh-keeping cold storage can be said to be one of the main ways of modern vegetable preservation.
The fresh-keeping temperature of vegetables ranges from 0°C to 15°C. Fresh-keeping storage can reduce the incidence of bacteria and the rotten rate of fruits, and can also slow down the process of respiration and metabolism of vegetables, thereby prolonging the shelf life of vegetables.

Cold room nameRoom temperature (℃)Relative humidity (%)Applicable food scope
Cooling room0 Meat, eggs, etc.
Cold freeze room-18~-23
 Meat, poultry, rabbit, iced egg, vegetable, ice cream, fish, shrimp, etc
Cold storage room085~90Chilled meat and poultry
Fresh-keeping cold storage-2~080~85Fresh eggs
Fresh keeping cold storage-1~190~95Iced eggs, Chinese cabbage, garlic moss, onion, carrot, cabbage, etc
Fresh keeping cold storage0~285~90Apples, pears, etc
Fresh-keeping cold storage2~485~90Potatoes, oranges, litchi, etc
Fresh keeping cold storage1~885~95Persimmon pepper, bean, cucumber, tomato, pineapple, orange, etc
Fresh keeping cold storage11~1285~90Bananas, etc

The cost calculation method of vegetable fresh-keeping cold storage is similar to other types of cold storage. Professionals from the cold storage construction company are required to provide quotation,
At the same time, the equipment requirements and performance requirements of the cold storage to be installed are pointed out. If you have this demand, welcome to consult us.