Cold storage maintenance plan

Update:17 Dec 2020

1) Weekly maintenance contentCheck the refrigerant char […]

1) Weekly maintenance content
Check the refrigerant charge with a sight glass.
Check the compressor oil level.
Check the operation of the compressor crankcase heater.
Check the main power supply and control voltage.
Check the appearance of the area around the unit.
Check the system pressure.

2) Monthly maintenance content
Whether there is leakage in the refrigeration system.
Check the suction filter and the liquid drying filter.
Check whether all flange connecting bolts, joints and pipe hoops are tight.
Check whether there are cracks, loose screws or connecting bolts on the fan blade blade and motor device of the condenser.
Tighten all electrical connectors.
Check the operation and condition of the contacts on the compressor / fan motor contactor. Internal control panel inspection
appearance. Check the appearance of insulating materials. Check the operation of auxiliary equipment.

3) Quarterly maintenance contents
Under stable operation of the unit, record all operating conditions
Suction / exhaust / liquid refrigerant pressure and temperature.
System superheat, liquid subcooling and ambient temperature.
Compressor current.
Test all operational and security controllers.

4) Main contents of annual maintenance
The samples were analyzed. Change the oil if necessary.
Clean the condenser coil.
Straighten the condenser fins if necessary.
Replace the liquid drying filter and suction filter core.
Note: the above recommended maintenance intervals can be changed due to changes in actual equipment application, operating conditions and environment.