Cold storage construction-cold storage installation

Update:10 Oct 2020

The cold storage is mainly used to store food, dairy pr […]

The cold storage is mainly used to store food, dairy products, meat, aquatic products, chemicals, medicine, seedlings, scientific experiments and other items. The cold storage is actually a kind of low-temperature cold storage.

It is also a category of refrigeration equipment. Its size and cooling effect are much larger than those of refrigerators and other equipment, but the refrigeration principle is the same.

Classification of cold storage
There are also many types of cold storage construction. Since heating and cooling are involved, temperature must come first. Therefore, cold storage is divided into high temperature, medium temperature, low temperature, ultra low temperature, and medicine cold storage.

(1) The temperature of the high-temperature warehouse (fresh-keeping warehouse) is generally (+5℃~-5℃) suitable for storage (vegetables, fruits, dried food)
(2) The temperature of the medium temperature warehouse (cold storage) is generally (-10℃~-20℃) suitable for storage (meat food, poultry, fish and shrimp)

(3) The temperature of low-temperature storage (quick-freezing storage) is generally (-20℃~-45℃) suitable for storage (short-term quick-frozen products such as rounds and dumplings)

(4) The temperature of the ultra-low temperature warehouse (freezer) is generally (-30℃~-80℃) suitable for storage (special expensive items such as tuna, chemicals, etc.)

(5) The temperature of medical cold storage (drug storage) is generally (2℃~8℃) suitable for storage (drugs, vaccines, medicaments, etc.)

Equipment required for cold storage construction

1. Warehouse materials: polyurethane cold storage panels, cold storage doors, warehouse installation accessories, etc.;

2. Refrigeration unit: various brands of compressor units, air coolers, expansion valves, refrigeration valves, refrigerants, etc.;

3. Piping system: refrigeration copper pipes, pipe insulation. Unit support, etc.;

4. Electrical system: wires and cables, microcomputer temperature control, interior lighting, drainage heating wire, etc.;

5. Material transportation, installation and commissioning, taxes, etc.;

Cold storage construction quality
To meet the requirements of storage and shipment of various products with different temperatures, the size of the cold storage construction should be designed according to the peak value of the products to be stored throughout the year. This capacity is based on the storage product in cold
The volume required for stacking in the warehouse is calculated, plus the aisles between rows, the space between the stack and the wall, ceiling, and the space between the packaging. After the cold storage is built and the capacity is determined.
Then determine the length and height of the cold storage. Generally, necessary auxiliary facilities should be considered during the construction and installation of cold storage, such as workshops, packing and sorting rooms, tool storage and loading and unloading stations, etc., so that the quality of cold storage can be guaranteed.