Code for installation of cold storage unit main engine

Update:22 Jul 2020

Code for installation of cold storage unit main engine1 […]

Code for installation of cold storage unit main engine
1、 The closer the host is to the evaporator, it is easy to maintain and has good heat dissipation. If it is moved out, a canopy needs to be installed, and the four corners of the main engine position need to be installed with shock proof gaskets. The installation level is firm and it is not easy to be touched by people.
1 radiator installation
The closer the radiator is to the host, the better it should be in the upper position of the host. The radiator installation position should have the best heat dissipation environment. The air suction outlet should not face the air outlet of other equipment, especially the oily gas. The air outlet should not be short circuited and face other windows (especially residential windows) and equipment. It should be 2m high from the ground, and the installation level should be firm.
2 copper pipe discharge
All copper pipes shall be wrapped up with air-conditioning tie together with insulation pipes and wires in the same direction. The pipe sample shall be straight as far as possible and fixed in sections. The joints between insulation pipes and insulation pipes shall be sealed with electrical tape.
3 wire discharge
All wires shall be protected by corrugated hose or raceway in addition to air conditioning tie. The temperature display wire shall not be arranged close to the wire as far as possible.
4 refrigeration system connection
Since the condenser and evaporator of the main engine are all sealed by pressing in the factory, there should be pressure to check whether there is leakage. Dust sealing measures should be taken at both ends of the copper pipe. During construction, attention should be paid to sealing at any time to prevent dust from entering the pipe. Condenser → host → evaporator. The copper pipe is connected by welding method, and the interface is firm and beautiful.
5. According to the performance of each electrical appliance, the wire diameter should meet the requirements, the joint should be firm, the pipe should be protected, and the power connection should be correct. When the wire enters into the junction box hole of the evaporator, it needs to be sealed with silica gel. If the lamp is connected to 36V or above, it needs to be grounded. The three-phase five wire system is required for the power supply in the main electrical cabinet, and reliable grounding is required.
6. The temperature control is fixed on the ceiling, the probe and the temperature display probe pass through the return air outlet of the evaporator in the storage room and hang in the air. The defrosting temperature control is also fixed on the ceiling, and the probe is perforated at the air return outlet of the evaporator in the warehouse, and the probe is inserted into the fin (not close to the electric heating tube).
7. If people can't get on the ceiling, fix the temperature control and defrosting temperature control in the rear corner of the evaporator in the warehouse, and seal all wiring points. The others are the same as above.
8. Balance hole (pressure equalizing valve) should not be installed in conspicuous places or on the vertical plate of air outlet. The height of the hole is 200 mm below the upper part of the vertical plate.
9. For all parts penetrating through the library plate, the gap between the library plate and the parts shall be sealed with sealant.