Choosing a screw chiller must pay attention to these

Update:30 Aug 2019

Now screw chillers are widely used in many fields, and […]

Now screw chillers are widely used in many fields, and the demand for screw chillers in different industries is different, and the quality of screw chillers will affect the operating efficiency of the equipment. What should be considered in the chiller?

1. When selecting a screw chiller, consider some products with high performance coefficient. According to some statistics, the time of the next screw chiller in the whole year is about one quarter, so we When selecting, priority should be given to some equipment with relatively flat efficiency curves. The equipment should also be designed with the adjustment range of the unit load operation.

2. When the screw chiller is in operation, it is mainly necessary to control the parameters of the refrigeration system and the required amount, and then input the operating power and cooling type of the equipment.

3. The quality of the screw chiller is related to the temperature and flow of the water inside the equipment. There is also a very big relationship between the temperature of the follow-up water and the pollution index of the water.

4. We must consider the use of the screw chiller and the cooling load when selecting. Some equipments with low load and long working time should be selected for the piston type, because this type of product is beneficial to the screw chiller. Adjust and save energy.