Choose Suitable Industrial Refrigeration

Update:18 Aug 2017

When you select industrial refrigeration equipment for […]

When you select industrial refrigeration equipment for your enterprise, you need to define the main tasks that will continue to serve your industrial refrigerator. Because each task is a few solutions, we need to choose one - the best. When choosing industrial equipment, take into account factors that affect system efficiency and efficiency.

Installing more than one device is usually advantageous and divided by productivity. In this case, the day's work may be fully installed, but at night, on weekends and holidays, it is a small car. This allows you to save the operating system while improving the reliability of the cooling system.

The system can also be a complete refrigeration facility that can be stored. It would be wise if the cost of production stoppages was commensurate with the cost of the device. In this case, the installer installed the electronic control device, which automatically adjusts the work of the freezer, so it is the same in time.

An unacceptable industrial refrigerator with a powerful electric drive, its capacity exceeds the required level. Why is that? Because some customers are buying the future of cooling equipment, it is hoped that they will need big capacity after a while. For example, buy a refrigerator that has a high (and so far useless) refrigeration capacity and hopes there will be more water-cooled equipment in the future. It looks like the calculation is correct. By buying today's more powerful industrial refrigerator, you can be sure there is plenty of room for new equipment tomorrow. There is, however, a problem. If the pressure of refrigeration is greater, the refrigerator usually opens/closes.

There are limits to the number of launches per hour for devices with powerful electric drives. What caused this? At the same time, every device is at its most disadvantageous: the start-up current exceeds the rating of 10 times, so the electric cable can be 100 times hotter than working in nominal terms. Increase amperage at startup, resulting in higher torque, which in turn will have a dynamic impact on the clutch, bearing, and shaft at each start. As a result, even the most reliable industrial cooling equipment can't serve you for long, and its operating costs will be multiplied several times.