Choose Suitable Compressor Cold Storage Supplier for your Refrigeration System

Update:09 Feb 2018

The selection of compressor refrigerant is of great sig […]

The selection of compressor refrigerant is of great significance for improving the thermal performance of the refrigeration system, reducing the cost of the refrigeration unit and ensuring the safe operation. Determining the type of refrigerant, usually from the following aspects to consider: supply and cold storage costs; safety performance; evaporation system compression series. Ammonia unit refrigeration capacity, and cheap, soluble in water but not soluble in oil. Freon unit refrigeration capacity is small, and expensive, and oil miscible better, but easy to leak.

There are many types of condensers and should be based on the environment in which the refrigeration unit is located, the quality of the cooling water, the temperature of the water, and the amount of water. In the case of adequate water supply, it refers to the poorer areas, using vertical shell and tube condenser; if the water temperature is low, the water quality is good, the ship's refrigeration unit should be horizontal shell and tube condenser; poor water quality, low atmospheric humidity Of the area should be used pouring pouring condenser; lack of water in areas lacking water, evaporative condensers should be used; for small Freon refrigeration devices, air-cooled condenser should be used.

Cooling system for the liquid can be divided into direct expansion for liquid, gravity and liquid pump for liquid three. Direct expansion of liquid for small ammonia refrigeration system, load-stable system and fluorine refrigeration unit. The characteristic of this method is that the system is simple, the project cost is low, but the cooling efficiency is low and the operation regulation is difficult; at present, the domestic ammonia refrigeration system uses less such liquid supply method. Gravity for liquid medium and small ammonia refrigeration plant, the method is characterized by liquid stability, can enhance the evaporator heat exchange effect, to prevent the compressor "liquid attack", but increased the cost of civil engineering. At present, medium and small ammonia refrigeration equipment has been less used. Liquid pump for liquid than the above two advantages, at home and abroad have been increasingly widely used in refrigeration equipment, refrigeration equipment is the largest medium and large domestic medium for the way. The method is characterized by high efficiency evaporator heat exchange, easy to control, but the corresponding investment has also increased. a suitable cold storage supplier for you.