Choose Correct Industrial Refrigeration Supplier

Update:15 Nov 2017

If your business relies on large industrial refrigerati […]

If your business relies on large industrial refrigeration equipment, proper maintenance is crucial. In addition, you may consider upgrading or replacing equipment or you are moving to a new facility. When you have such a demand, you should use one of the best ammonia refrigeration companies.

With large industrial applications, compressor replacement is common. Zhaoxue can install new compressors or rebuild your existing ones, not all ammonia refrigeration companies can do for you. This is an important consideration for older devices because you may not always find the part you are looking for.

When you do preventative maintenance, we help you to protect your investment. We work with you to provide you with a tailor-made service agreement to keep your equipment in peak condition and to reduce or eliminate many common problems. With the right service agreement, you will reduce downtime and increase efficiency.

Well-tuned refrigeration systems use less energy. This saves your annual energy costs and reduces your operating costs.

Many ammonia refrigeration companies can service and repair you. But not all provide a complete service. Do you need help designing a new system? Our engineering staff can customize any system you need.