Chinacoldroom Refrigeration Solutions for Variety of Applications

Update:03 Jul 2017

Industrial refrigerators are critical in many applicati […]

Industrial refrigerators are critical in many applications. The cold chamber is designed to provide very low temperatures to store different products. Use precision instruments in the building to ensure that the temperature is maintained at the desired level. Some industrial applications using refrigeration facilities include food and beverage manufacturing / retail, pharmaceutical / medical, gardening, morgue and funeral parlors. Another type of cold storage used by each industry is the freezer compartment. This storage includes commercial-sized refrigerators. Modular refrigerated rooms are tailored to a specific space. The difference between industrial and modular cold rooms is that the former is larger, providing refrigeration for bulk cargo and allowing vehicles to pass.

Chinacoldroom refrigeration solutions provide industrial and modular cold storage for a variety of applications. We design and install all our products in our catalog. Customers have different requirements for cold room design. Our job is to evaluate these needs and to propose products that cater to every need. Our refrigerated options are available for small and large applications. In the design of industrial cold storage, we consider several elements. In addition to your business needs, we can also view the budget. Our job is to ensure that our customers receive effective storage without affecting the quality of the design or installation of industrial refrigerators.

After the analysis of customer needs and budget, everything else will appear. For industrial design, access is one of the greatest design factors to keep in mind. See the room will be used to store bulk products, workers must be able to unimpeded. The room should allow the use of forklifts and other vehicles. Refrigeration cabinets must have entry points and exit points, whether it is independent units or other parts of the building, which is our confidence in the design of the cold room. Another aspect of the design is the size. Of course, it depends on the needs and budget. Our goal is to propose a design element that enables customers to control their storage, distribution and provisioning.