Characteristics and application scope of corrosion-resistant industrial chillers

Update:19 Oct 2018

Corrosion-resistant industrial chillers (industrial chi […]

Corrosion-resistant industrial chillers (industrial chillers) have three major advantages:

1. Stable performance: Multiple compressors are used in parallel, each compressor has its own independent refrigeration circuit, that is, the evaporator and condenser are completely independent; The compressor is commanded by a unified microcomputer control system, which is turned on and off one by one, and will never interfere with each other. In addition, the brand machines are all made of original authentic products, and the single machine failure rate is extremely low. For the above reasons, the series can be guaranteed. It has a highly stable performance and is preferred over long years of continuous operation without the need to purchase additional spares.
2. Energy-saving and energy-saving: multiple medium and small power compressors are used in parallel. The interference to the power grid is very small when opening and shutting down. With the change of load, the unit will automatically determine the number of power on, ensuring that the open compressor is in the best work. State, thus saving energy.
3. Long service life: The design of the evaporator and condenser is very reasonable, and it is placed above the compressor. During the whole operation, most of the lubricating oil stays in the compressor to ensure good lubrication of the compressor.
Corrosion-resistant industrial chiller Scope: pcb circuit board, hardware, chemical, electronics, food, laser engraving, electroplating, ultrasonic, pharmaceutical and other industries.