Application of evaporative condenser advantages

Update:13 Mar 2018

1, Energy saving. On the one hand, the evaporative cond […]

1, Energy saving. On the one hand, the evaporative condenser combines the condensation of water vapor with the water cooling process, omitting the transfer phase of the cooling water from the cooling tower to the condenser, and the amount of circulating water is only 5% to 10% of the water-cooled type. The input power of the cooling water pump is saved; on the other hand, the evaporative condenser cooling water temperature is closer to the air wet-bulb temperature, the corresponding condensing temperature can be lower, and the condensing temperature is 10-15° C. lower than the air-cooled condensing system. It is 3~8°C cooler than the water-cooled condensing system, which improves the energy efficiency of the refrigeration host.
2, Save water. The temperature of the cooling water in the condenser rises about 5~8°C, that is, 1kg of water takes away 25~35 kJ of heat, while the evaporative condenser mainly completes the heat transfer through latent heat of cooling water, and 1kg of water absorbs heat and vaporizes. Taking 2450kJ of heat, in addition, the evaporative condenser water consumption is only 1‰-3‰ of the heat exhausted, making the actual operation of the evaporative condenser water consumption is 5%~15% of the cooling tower system, saving water resources .
3, Good heat exchange performance. On the one hand, due to the large latent heat of vaporization of water, the amount of heat absorbed by a unit of water is large. Inside and outside the heat exchanger, water, air, and a cooling medium alternately flow, making the heat transfer faster and the heat transfer efficiency increase, thereby achieving efficient heat exchange. On the other hand, due to the use of enhanced heat transfer technology, the system's efficiency can be greatly improved.
4, Small footprint. The evaporative condenser integrates the condensing coil unit, the circulating water pump, the axial fan, the water collecting plate and the connecting water pipe, integrates the cooling process, and has a very compact structure, so its floor space is only equivalent to condenser and cooling. The 30% to 60% of the total land area of the tower is particularly important today as the land resources become increasingly tight.
5, Operating costs are low. In operation, in addition to the above-mentioned energy-saving and water-saving effects, the evaporative condenser also eliminates the water treatment problem caused by the large amount of water in the cooling tower system, which greatly reduces the operating cost. The combined initial investment in the condenser and cooling tower is actually higher than the evaporative condenser.