Air-cooled low temperature screw explosion-proof chiller

Update:02 Nov 2018

Air-cooled low-temperature screw explosion-proof chille […]

Air-cooled low-temperature screw explosion-proof chiller features:
1Using imported international brands BITZER Germany (Bizel), HANBELL China Taiwan (Hanzhong) high-efficiency energy-saving compressor.
2 unit control system adopts imported PLC program controller, man-machine interface configures LCD large-screen touch screen, realizes intelligent man-machine dialogue, internally stores a large number of fault handling solutions and technical data, and displays the operating status of the unit in multiple languages, which greatly facilitates the unit's operation. Operation management and maintenance;
3 capacity control can use four-stage (100%-75%-50%-25%) or three-stage (100%-66%-33%) and no-section control system;
4 unique built-in hydraulic system, no need for oil pump to ensure the best lubrication effect of the compressor. The oil separator adopts double-layer filtration mode, the oil filtering effect is good, and the heat exchanger can exert the maximum capacity;
5Using internal and external threaded steel pipe and professional expansion pipe technology processed by foreign advanced industry, CNC computer numerical control and programming processing are completed in the whole process to prevent refrigerant leakage;
6Select all imported steel pipe and double curved corrugated hydrophilic aluminum foil, which is made of professional equipment such as high-speed drilling machine. It is the tight contact between steel pipe and fin, higher heat exchange efficiency, small volume, light weight, more compact and reasonable structure;
7 full-scale compressor volume ratio (VI=2.2/2.6/3.0/3.5) is available for selection. It can effectively avoid the extra energy consumption caused by over-compression or insufficient compression;
8Compressor overheating, overcurrent protection, high and low voltage protection, antifreeze protection, flow switch, phase sequence/phase loss protection and exhaust overheat protection