Air cooled heat pump unit application options

Update:04 Apr 2019

With the large-scale construction of large-scale public […]

With the large-scale construction of large-scale public buildings, centralized central air-conditioning systems are being used more and more widely, but due to many factors such as the form of construction and the environment in which they are installed, the requirements and restrictions on the form and equipment form of air-conditioning systems are also more and more. Currently, there are generally two systems to choose from: air-cooled units and water-cooled units. For the design of large-scale central air-conditioning systems, there is no fixed special mode, which needs to be considered in combination with the local objective conditions at that time. No matter what kind of equipment is used, it must cooperate with the construction, structure and other related electromechanical professions. As a professional design, the most important thing is to combine the various conditions of the project and comprehensively consider various factors to meet the principle of achieving optimal use and economy and to realize the will of investors while ensuring technical feasibility, safety and reliability.
Water-cooled units and air-cooled units each have their own characteristics, and should be selected according to different use environments, space, and the required cooling capacity of the unit, and different cities and regions. The larger the building, the priority is given to the water-cooled unit. The smaller the building, the better the air-cooled unit.
The air-cooling machine is mainly used for drying water-deficient areas. The advantage is that the machine room area is saved and the installation is convenient. Compared with the water-cooled unit, the operating conditions are unstable due to the environmental temperature, and the water-cooled units are mainly used in areas with relatively sufficient water sources. It is stable in operation, but it is troublesome in winter due to the problem of anti-freezing of cooling water. Because of the simple use of cooling towers, it is impossible to heat in the north in winter. It is necessary to use water source or ground source heat pump system. The cooling and heating effect is better, which is the best choice at present. The air-cooling machine has difficulty in using heat pump heating in the north, and it needs electric-assisted heating water device to perfect it.