Advantages and disadvantages of piston type water chiller

Update:14 Mar 2018

Advantage: 1. Material is simple and can be used in gen […]

 1. Material is simple and can be used in general metal material. It is easy to process and low in cost.
2. The system is simple, easy to lubricate and do not need the exhaust device.
3. With multi head, high speed multi cylinder, the performance can be improved.
1. Parts, more vulnerable parts, complex maintenance, frequent, high maintenance costs;
2. The compression ratio is low and the single machine cooling capacity is small.
3. Single machine head part load adjustment performance is poor, unloading cylinder adjustment, can not be stepless adjustment;
4. Belongs to the upper and lower reciprocating motion, and the vibration is larger.
5. Unit refrigerating volume weight index is large.