Several Types of Refrigeration System

Update:23 Nov 2017

The refrigeration syetem was designed to ensure unifica […]

The refrigeration syetem was designed to ensure unification and the city's seasonal food industry center throughout the year. Like a basic refrigeration, its features are storage capacity of the product space is relatively large. Cargo volume is more uniform, the refrigeration often has a production hall: the production of ice cream, water ice, carbon dioxide, meat, butter and so on.

Commercial refrigerations for commodity bases, stores, canteens, restaurants and other short-term storage of goods. Such refrigerations are characterized by increased storage temperature, the maintenance of the constant state of the less demanding. This group also includes refrigeration equipment for the current snort product tortovoy network.

Transport refrigerations are designed to create the necessary conditions for transporting products of low temperature in a variety of vehicles. The distinction between railways, waterways, air-cooled and refrigerated containers. All these types of refrigeration devices are the connecting elements Tami between the individual connecting rods of the continuous cold chain. Transporting the refrigeration may be for production or purchasing purposes. For example, there are fishing vessels for frozen fish, mobile devices for cars that use jelly, and the like.

Household (domestic) refrigerations are used for household short-term storage of products and for the production of small quantities of ice cubes. They are the latest step in a continuous cold chain. Above, the relative degree of classification of the refrigeration, due to the function of some refrigerations can be changed or combined. Therefore, the refrigeration port can perform functions and distribution of refrigerations, provide it where the current consumption area. These features can be implemented to make refrigerations.

However, the main function of each business feature, you can let it be assigned to a certain type. Various refrigerations can be compared in terms of capacity or capacity, as well as performance spaces or devices for heat treatment. In foreign practice, the size of a refrigeration often characterizes the number of storage rooms in cubic meters.