Personnel Requirements in Refrigerated Cold Room Operation

Update:17 Jan 2018

Although the pressure on the refrigerated cold room bel […]

Although the pressure on the refrigerated cold room belongs to the middle and low pressure category, due to improper operation, the refrigerant circulates under abnormal pressure, that is, the accident may occur. In particular, the use of ammonia refrigerant, ammonia poisoning, flammable and explosive, once a large number of leaks, not only caused by refrigerant waste, but also endanger personal and life safety, resulting in huge environmental losses or losses. Therefore, safety technology is of great significance in refrigeration systems. Operators to strictly enforce the safety system.

Operators should establish a high sense of responsibility, according to the state regulations on safe production, conscientiously implement the principle of prevention, regular safety inspections. Security checks include: check system, check the technical status of various equipment, the operation of various equipment, check the allocation of labor protection products and safety facilities. Frozen station to establish the job responsibility system, transfer system, safety production system, equipment maintenance and management system and team quota management standards and other standards. Frozen station used instruments, meters, scales, measuring tools must be subject to the legal metrology department identification; the same time, according to the provisions of regular review to ensure the accuracy of measuring instruments.

To ensure safe operation; to ensure that the temperature of the object to be cooled; to minimize condensing pressure (up to 1.5Mpa); to give full play to the cooling efficiency of refrigeration equipment, and strive to reduce water, electricity, refrigeration oil, refrigerant consumption.

The operation of the refrigeration system is in a safe state, the main means of monitoring pressure through the pressure gauge shows the various parts of the system. In this way, on the one hand to facilitate the normal operation and management, such as the pressure to determine the evaporation temperature, condensation temperature, etc., on the other hand can be timely detection of any abnormal or over-pressure equipment, to be controlled or alarm. Such as pressure sensors not only display the function, but also can play a pressure control and alarm security protection. Refrigeration system in the pressure gauge, if the following conditions may not be used: the pointer fails; the scale is unclear; overdue unverified; lead seal damage; cut off the pressure after the pointer does not return to zero; glass dial broken. Pressure gauge in the refrigeration system, if damaged, must be scrapped immediately, and replace the pressure gauge produced by the official manufacturer with a certificate and seal, the accuracy and range to meet the requirements.